Torege builds a 100% trust by providing lifetime warranty service to all its customers. Therefore, any product defects found during normal use; such as product defects in manufacturing and manufacturing, with the product warranty card to apply for warranty, Torege will provide repair or replacement services. Please see the note below for the composition of the warranty claim.

  • The warranty service does not cover any wear and tear caused by improper use, loss, theft, dropping, scratching, pressure loss, accidents and lack of maintenance. The product damage caused by the above will not be accepted.
  • Warranty service does not include damage that is inverted due to falling or collision with an object.
  • Warranty service does not include scratches on the lens and damage under improper operation, but we have a lens replacement service on the line.
  • Warranty service does not include sunglasses models that have been discontinued, but we still reserve the right to provide customers with similar or the same style of replacement service. You can refer to and get a complete list of current models.
  • Warranty service is only available to the original purchaser and is only available to US residents (see our dealer page for international warranty claims).
  • If your product does not meet the warranty terms of service, you can still get the product warranty service through payment.
  • If you are not buying from the official website (Amazon), you can contact our authorized dealers for assistance and services.

Warning: Legal guarantees for product warranties, only products that have valid proof of purchase and have an effective purchase date.

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