How to shop

Torege official website does not support direct purchase of products You can select your favorite products on the torege website and then select the appropriate Amazon site to jump linen to buy directly.


How to manage your own orders

First of all, you need to log in torege. If you don't have an account yet, you can use your email address to apply for the official torege account directly on the official website of torege. Then click on the villain icon in the upper right corner of the URL to enter the personal center page, then click on my product, you can fill in the product number and Amazon order number according to your actual situation to produce your product list.


New policy

Torege's glasses promise a lifetime warranty. If you have any quality problems, you can contact us on the official website. We will help you solve the problem in the first time. If it cannot be repaired, we will deliver a new product for you, so you You can use the products of torege with confidence. Xiaobian reminds you to pay attention to safety when exercising.

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