How to start a return or exchange

Hey there! Here is some step by step instructions for return.

Before we begin, you'll need the following things.

1. Order Number

2. Email address associated with your order

3. You should have access to the above email

If you have those three things, then you're ready to return.

1. Log onto

2. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page

3. On the righthand side of the page, under the "Support" column, click the "returns" link second word from the top

4. After clicking on "return" you will be redirected to our return page. While there put in the email that is associated with your order.

5. Once, clicking the "Find Your Order"! button you will see this page. Just as it says, it's time to check your email.

6. Once you found the email, you will see the following with a prompt to get start the return. Go ahead and click the link.

7. Select the items in which are going to be returned. Also select the reason for which they are being returned. This helps our support team a butt load to help with making our products the best they can be!

8. Once the item and the reason has been selected, scroll over to the upper right hand corner and click "return"

9. Feel free to leave us comments! We appreciate all feedback! And then click "Confirm"

10. Once the return is confirmed, this page will appear. Download the return label by clicking the left hand side link, print out the slip and tape it on the box to send back! If you would like to shop with the instant refund. Use that code given in the gray box at check out!

When we have the return back in our HQ, our support team will issue a refund for your item or what is left over from your instant refund!

Please Note:

All refunds for returns include only the price you paid for the products without the shipping charges. That difference is the shipping cost from us to you. We cover the shipping from you back to us.

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