Technology fashion! TOREGE's four new products are coming!

As a sports glasses brand loved by sports enthusiasts all over the world, we are welcoming the four new models of spring and summer of 2019, adhering to the design concept of fashion, revival and technology. This new product continues the core of TOREGE's previous "Love Sports, Love Life" brand, and this series is wonderful.


  1. Warrior

Paying tribute to the theme of casual sunglasses in the 80s, with rainbow-light lenses to attract the eye, leading the summer technology trend. As the main style of this season's sports and leisure glasses, the integrated mirror design, the rainbow lens with great future charm, and the leg shape with family characteristics, not only gives a great visual impact, but also can block UV rays and enhance color. Recognizing the sharpening of vision, deserved is a sporty fashion item that will make you "love at first sight".

The frame material is always made of TR90 material, with a line of design stripes, and the lightweight frame fits snugly on your face. Even if you are struggling in running, riding, skiing, climbing, etc., you can hardly feel it. Not only that, Warrior's biggest design highlight is that the position of the bridge of the nose can be adjusted according to its own needs, solving the problem that some glasses will cause pressure on the nose in the past, with an ergonomic shape design to make the glasses more fit. The human body gives the athletes more freedom.

  1. Racer


In addition to attracting eye-catching styles, the designers are ingenious, with inspiration for watching the car race, taking the car as a starting point, injecting a lot of technological elements into the mirror body and the frame, perfectly blending functionality, technology and trend details. Create a unique casual sports piece.

It is worth mentioning that the edge structure of the Racer's convex surface will be more personalized. According to the characteristics of the sport of the car, the design of the integrated windshield provides the wearer with a broad vision, so that your line of sight is 360 degrees without dead ends! The high-package design allows the glasses to blend perfectly with the eyes, while wearing them tightly and never letting any scenery fall from your eyes. Ideal for outdoor activities such as racing, driving, cycling, and mountaineering.


  1. Iron bone

Of course, considering the simple and fashionable sports style of the day, the designer reinterpreted the wide-width wide-spectrum glasses of the 1990s.

2019 popular large frame design, simple shape and smooth lines make the overall shape more tough and outstanding.



In order to solve the problem that the glasses are worn for too long and the eyes sweat too much, Iron bone has a huge venting hole between the two lenses, which increases the breathability of the glasses. The vents of the family features are also ingeniously set at the temples for a more comfortable and safe experience. In particular, this product retains the imagination of everyday sports glasses while retaining the functions of the original sports, which fully reflects the designer's exploration and adventurous spirit in the works.

  1. Wanderer

In accordance with TOREGE's pursuit of high quality practices, this time also a new upgrade to some classic styles. Wanderer's superb lines make you feel full of fashion. All-round is an eyeglass frame made of upgraded TR90 material, which reduces the weight of the original glasses and makes the glasses more lightweight and sturdy. The high-quality anti-scratch lens coating can largely block the glare caused by various factors such as scattering, refraction and reflection, so that when the person is active for a long time under strong light, the eyes are not easy to get tired and achieve effective protection.


The high-definition POLARIZED mirror can present more real-world original features, reduce visual fatigue and make the field of vision clearer.

Can adapt to more scenes including travel, cycling, motorcycle, fishing and more. If you are an old customer of TOREGE, then Wanderer is definitely worth a try.


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